In the highly competitive retail sector, big battles are fought over shelf space. With thousands of products placed in dozens of retail outlets, category managers in the Consumer Product Goods (CPG) sector need every advantage they can get to position their brands for growth.

The amount of data at play is staggering: number of products that the category has per number of stores and updated at least on a monthly basis plus all the historical data that you may have available, requires more than simple Excel in order to perform the detailed analysis that your business needs.

G3 Panel for Catman® is a complete Cloud-based SaaS solution that gives category managers the edge they need by combining diverse data sources with powerful analysis that provides deep market insights using attractive, easy-to-understand dashboards. The solution framework guides you every step of the way, from loading the data, identifying new products or stores, to visualizing product performance in a way that drives better business results.

G3 for Catman can easily scale, which makes it an ideal solution for local and international enterprises. Most importantly, G3 for CatMan provides an easy to use, adaptable model that enables Category Managers to build their own reports without the need for IT support, from High Level Brand Performance reporting across dozens of retailers, all the way down to individual Store Level sales metrics reporting.

Pre-Built Model

You don’t have to start from scratch! The model includes a complete set of industry standard measures and KPIs, needed for the analysis of POS/Scan Data.


Do you need specific calculated measures; perhaps you would like us to modify one of our existing dashboards or even build a new one? No problem we offer these too under our support plan and SLA.

Cloud Based Solution

Because we are cloud based, you can be up and running in a very short time and you will always have visibility to the latest information to support better business decisions.

Sizeable ROI

  • Increase Sales with more analysis
  • It lets you focus on decision making and not data wrangling
  • Decreased costs and improved efficiencies through better collaboration between the retailer and the CPG/Supplier
  • Enables organizations keep their category management know-how, when a staff turnover occurs and saves time during the transition.
  • OPEX

Collaborative Environment

Easily share important insights across the entire Category Management ecosystem, both internal and external to your organization.


G3 for CatMan was built to the highest standards in the industry, leveraging the industry standard security protocols, ensuring compliance with your IT and Security organization’s demands

3rd Party Data

Integrating data from 3rd Parties into G3 for CatMan is a snap, in fact we have built-in data integration capabilities with many of the industry’s leading 3rd party data providers